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the registration process...

   The registration process involves a few steps and should be able to be completed in about 30 minutes.  You can stop and come back to any step in the process however, your registration is not complete until all the steps are completed and you receive your ‘Welcome’ email from ArbiterSports.

   The first step is to download the New Member Instruction Sheet from the box below.  You should also download the w9 Tax Form.  You will need to bring this form to the first meeting and turn in the first page filled out and signed.  Then Complete the Registration Form to the right.

   After completing the form you will be taken to our DragonFly registration page.  There you will complete the process by creating a DragonFly account.  DragonFly is where you will pay your MUA Membership Dues, complete your background check which is required of all high school officials every five years, and then complete your GHSA registration and pay your GHSA registration fees.

   If you have any questions during the registration process, reach out to our Recruiting Director, Robert Beckelic and he should be able to answer any questions.

MUA Registration
Street Address
Apt, box, etc.
Do you have any baseball officiating experience?
Do you have any officiating experience in any other sport?
Will you be available to attend the Monday night Classroom training?
Will you be available to attend the Saturday on-field training sessions
Will you be available to work games on Saturdays?
Were you referred to Marietta Umpires?
I have downloaded, read and agree to abide by the information on the New Member Instruction Sheet.
I understand that my registration is not complete until I have registered in DragonFly and paid both MUA & GHSA registration fees.

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